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Before locking your man in chastity for more than a few hours he needs to be accustomed to wearing a chastity device, there needs to be a breaking in period, which he must dictate. He shouldn’t simply expect to put on a device for the first time and discover a perfect comfortable fit. It take a while to adjust himself both physically and mentally. Wearing it a few hours each evening when home from work is a good way to become accustomed to wearing a chastity device. As his keyholder encourage him to temper the excitement of fantasy with the necessities of reality.

Most men once used to wearing their device tend to be locked up in weekly blocks, i.e. 7, 14, or 21 days or for a month or two. However, when you are starting out with male chastity it’s best to agree a target between you for the first few occasions. Chat about it and be realistic, discover what he thinks he can sensibly achieve, don’t be too ambitious to begin with. You should keep these agreed periods quite short until your man is completely used to his device. Often this can mean just locking him up whilst you go shopping, then progress to lock-ins lasting for the weekend, starting on Friday night and then releasing him on Sunday evening (or Monday morning if he hasn’t done his duties properly). Over the weeks you can extend this period each time, until he has settled in to his device and is comfortable for extended periods.

Once you have agreed the length of time for him to be locked up, whether it’s a day or a week, as his keyholder make sure you stick to it. However much he moans and complains stick to your guns and don’t allow him the key and freedom until the hour of his release has been reached, and if he keeps on complaining, threaten to extend it by another day! He’ll thank you for it all the more in the end!

To keep the delights of chastity alive, you need to to a break from it, particularly if your husband is a long term wearer. Anything we do, any activity we partake of, can become uninteresting and boring if it becomes the everyday accepted way of living. The same is true of chastity. Often couples will stop using the chastity device for a month or so, and return to chastity with a fresh exciting awareness. We tend to be “Creatures of Habit” and this familiarity eventually creates disillusionment or boredom with any subject that’s a constant focus in our lives. Often it is the keyholder who dictates this.