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Is it Comfortable? Will it Hurt?

Is it Comfortable?
Generally wearing a chastity device does not hurt, but you shouldn’t always expect it to feel comfortable right away. It can take a some time to become used to it; both physically and mentally. Once you’ve become accustomed to wearing it at times it will sometimes feel as if the cage is “caressing” your penis. This can heighten arousal, and feels like you’re wearing your own personal “bondage cuddle”.

The beginnings of an erection will feel more like a nice “erotic pain” rather than being unbearably painful.

Wearing a chastity device means your penis is denied the full sensation you usually experience, you won’t be able to touch yourself, even when visiting the bathroom and this is going to be frustrating.

Will it Hurt?
When you first receive your device you may experience some discomfort until you body becomes used to wearing it. If you do it’s usually initially felt around the scrotum where the cock ring fits, and you may notice a little pinching. Regular and frequent use of a good lubricant around the cock ring can help keep minor skin reactions to a minimum and aid comfort. As an alternative to lubricant may also prefer to treat your skin around this area with a good quality cream such as E45, this will treat/reduce any irritation and give you sufficient lubrication to rotate your cage by a few degrees aiding general adjustment and improving day to day comfort.

At the start you will need to regularly experiment with ring or spacer or post adjustments to find the best fit, and should remove the device to check for any signs of skin damage. In general a chastity device may not fit you perfectly right “out of the box”, but with a little time, and care of yourself and attention to hygiene your body will soon adjust over a period of a few weeks