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Jeans, Trousers and Underwear

Jeans, Trousers and Underwear:

Whilst wearing a chastity device does not necessarily mean you need to change your wardrobe this is something you’ll probably need to experiment with. Some wearers do purchase a few new pairs of trousers with just a little bit more room in the crotch to reduce the profile of the device. You will probably find that you do need to adjust yourself and the device about once an hour and having some extra space to do so will help with every day comfort.

Another thing you may like to consider is your underwear, different styles may give you that added room or more support for your new device. For extra support you could even try a pair a nice pair of women’s knickers, some men report that these offer more support than male briefs, and give a smooth outer appearance making your chastity device less obvious under clothing. (We’re not talking about “sissification” here, simply offering some sensible tips to help improve support for your chastity device).

Sitting Down
Sitting down when wearing a chastity device, particularly when driving, may take some getting used to. Longer length devices can present more of a problem when driving. You may also discover you need to adjust your ball sack slightly more often than before you wore a chastity device.